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About Jill and Rod Slane

Jill and Rod Slane are a husband and wife business team. As a film director and producer, music composers, authors, spa consultants and seekers of inner peace,  the Slanes have created innovative self-help and lifestyle-altering tools that are distributed around the world.  Beginning with a genuine concern for the health and wellness of all people, their personal mission is to provide people with the tools required to enjoy the human experience to its fullest extent.   Serving as spa consultants creating meditation, vibrational sound programs and relaxation music to some of the top spas in the world has been their business for more than two decades. When not traveling around the world for business, Rod and Jill have participated in their community by serving on the board of directors of a number of Eureka Springs organization, including The Writer's Colony at Dairy Hollow, Eureka Springs School of the Arts, and Clear Spring School.

It all began with a dream....from our vast travel experiences combined with a quest for a personal space that embraced the ideals of "living relaxed", Eureka Zen was born. We hope that every Eureka Zen guest returns home with ideas of how they can transform their own living space into a peaceful, rejuvenating atmosphere.

The big picture....Our mission to help people reconnect to the heart, by learning to quiet the their busy minds.  Often, this starts with a change in atmosphere.  We hope to start by providing our guests with peaceful, contemplative spa-like atmospheres where they can begin the rejuvenation process.  From there, we hope to provide our guests with products and tools that they can take home, transforming the Eureka Zen experience into a lifestyle that promotes lifelong emotional wellness and inner peace.